Having been a fan of electronic music for several years actually, I just discovered the underground techno and house scene about three years ago. I instantly fell in love with the free and peaceful atmosphere and found myself dancing ’til late in the morning. It was in the nightlife, that I had found a place where I belong, where I felt the most happy and free. With time, I discovered more and more DJs I admired, watched hundreds of Boiler Rooms, went to my first festivals and got to experience the incredible nightlife of Berlin, other European cities, as well as across the globe. ‘Til this day I consider this music my biggest passion and it’s become an addiction to be raving regularly. On LateNightJams.net I want to share this passion with you, tell you about my experiences and opinions, as I get to discover more and more underground scenes worldwide, come across some great tunes and learn more about DJing itself.

Photo by Amber Palička


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