Event: Sunday rave at Warehouse, Koh Tao Thailand

It's not easy to find good spots to enjoy some high-quality techno when you're traveling. Finding really good underground spots takes time and you have to stay in one place for longer. During the past weeks in Thailand, I've mainly come across some touristy bars with mediocre tech-house music. Tech-house and psytrance, as well as... Continue Reading →

Event: Mano Le Tough at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

Last night was my last time at Offenbach's Robert Johnson for now. A place that I loved to come back to regularly over the past three years. I chose Mano Le Tough for this celebratory occasion, 'cause I had seen him play there before about a year ago and it had been great. Baikal was... Continue Reading →

Favorite Jams in October and November

It is already December, so I thought I'd combine my musical favorites from October and November this time. Let's jump right in: Favorite Tunes:  Brién is a very talented Irish producer, who makes really dreamy tracks with heavenly vocals and beautiful piano melodies. "Luv Getter" is a house track he produced and is more groovy... Continue Reading →

Fresh Monthly Mixes: October

For October I put together this deep house mix. This version is actually the first test recording that I did, so it's not perfect, but I didn't want to postpone the upload any further. I really struggled this month with coming up with a mix and tried out so many different sounds. Now it's finally... Continue Reading →

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