Fresh Jams: Kornél Kovács “Stockholm Marathon”

Studio Barnhus has been one of my favorite labels for quite a while now, so I always keep an eye on their new releases. And I highly, highly anticipated their freshest release: Kornél Kovács' second album "Stockholm Marathon" finally came out this past Friday, on April 26th. For this one, Kovács teamed up with the... Continue Reading →

Fresh Jams: Mall Grab How The Dogs Chill, Vol. 1

In September Mall Grab launched his EP "How the Dogs Chill, Vol. 1" on his freshly established label "Looking for Trouble". You could call me a Mall Grab fan for sure. I consider him a good producer and an even better DJ. But certainly not everyone is as fond of him as I am, which... Continue Reading →

Fresh Jams: Studio Barnhus Volym I

It's been roughly a week, since my favorite label Studio Barnhus released their first record compilation ever. I love pretty much all of the music the label puts out, so I was more than excited to listen to this. There are 19 beautiful tracks on the Volym I record, produced not only by the label's... Continue Reading →

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