Event: Harmony and Nite Vibes open air, Prague

Not too long ago, I told you about my favorite local artists from Prague. I actually got to pay this glorious city another visit last weekend and got to see some of my favorite DJs again. The local label Harmony records is known for throwing unique parties with a love for detail and great atmosphere.... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Local DJs in Prague

When I moved to Prague, I had a really hard time finding good places to go out. It's easy to get sidetracked by all the touristy clubs and attractions, that might leave you thinking that is all there is. Luckily, I found the great underground scene of Prague soon enough. To me it felt like... Continue Reading →

A Night Out in Lisbon

A few weeks back, I visited Portugal's colorful and vibrant capital Lisbon. I was so excited to experience its nightlife since I had heard such great things about its local DJs. Unfortunately, I happened to have a really hard time finding good places to go out in Lisbon. The ResidentAdvisor recommendations left me indecisive, so... Continue Reading →

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