Event: Harmony Rec. at ain, Seoul South Korea

South Korea's underground music scene has definitely been on my radar for a while. It seems like a rather young and raw scene where things are still being established and more and more artists started to come forward. So checking out some of the venues in the vibrant capital Seoul, and also seeing some of... Continue Reading →

Current & Past Favorite Jams

Since presenting you my current favorite mixes, a couple of months have passed already. Whilst traveling, I sadly haven't been spending much time on digging and collecting music. Still, I wanted to show you some of my musical favorites that have piled up over the past few months. Enjoy. Favorite tunes: At the end of... Continue Reading →

Current favorite mixes

It's been harder to find new music while traveling. So instead of presenting you my monthly favorites I wanted to share a couple of great mixes with you that I've been listening to a lot recently. So here are my current favorite mixes. The Harmony Rec. podcast regularly features amazing deep-techno and ambient artists from... Continue Reading →

Favorite Jams in May

The first half of May has been filled with lots of good music and has been quite inspiring for me. The highlight was definitely the Hypnus x Harmony Records event in Prague. Since mid of May, I've been traveling Southeast Asia and except for some mediocre tech-house nights, there hasn't been much to report about.... Continue Reading →

Event: Harmony x Hypnus records, Prague

An event and collaboration that's been highly anticipated by myself was the Harmony x Hypnus records night in Prague. The local techno label and event series Harmony records invited their friends from the Swedish label Hypnus records into their city to have some of their most talented producers create a night filled with live-performances. Not... Continue Reading →

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