Event: Leon Vynehall at Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne Australia

Revolver Upstairs, or Revs how people call it, used to be my favourite night club in Melbourne two years ago. Especially the Sunday to Monday parties had the genuine rave atmosphere I was missing back then. Seeing Leon Vynehall and Andras play there seemed like the perfect opportunity to go back. And after last night,... Continue Reading →

Event: Harmony Rec. at ain, Seoul South Korea

South Korea's underground music scene has definitely been on my radar for a while. It seems like a rather young and raw scene where things are still being established and more and more artists started to come forward. So checking out some of the venues in the vibrant capital Seoul, and also seeing some of... Continue Reading →

Favorite Jams in March

March was definitely an inspiring and rather eventful month music-wise. Still dwelling on the great memories from my night out in Prague, I listened to a lot of the city's local artists as well as deep, ambient and dub techno. Favorite tunes: A tune that has been on repeat in March is "Our Love is... Continue Reading →

Mix: Spring is my favorite season

It's been a while since I last shared a mix of my own. The monthly mixes concept didn't really work out for various reasons. And after playing around with different genres, I just created another set that is very similar to the September exotic mix. Some groovy, exotic, rhythmic sounds that are great for having... Continue Reading →

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