Event: Strawberry Fields Festival 2019, NSW Australia

Australia is definitely known for its next level festivals, Strawberry Fields being one of them. It's actually been rated as one of the top 10 festivals worldwide on Resident Advisor and has big names on the line-up every year. Basically, it is one huge party in the middle of the Australian bush with one of... Continue Reading →

Event: Wata Igarashi at Savage, Hanoi Vietnam

In my last event review from Hanoi's underground club Savage, I mentioned that I would love to witness a good techno night at this venue. So I jumped at the chance to see one of the biggest names of Japan's techno scene, Wata Igarashi, play there last night. The DJ and producer is known for... Continue Reading →

LNJ goes Asia & OZ + mix

I'm saying goodbye to Europe for now. In the following months I'll be traveling through South-East-Asia, which probably means that I won't be posting as regularly or might even take some time off the blog. So apologies, in case it gets a bit more quiet on here for the next time. If I happen to... Continue Reading →

Favorite Jams in October and November

It is already December, so I thought I'd combine my musical favorites from October and November this time. Let's jump right in: Favorite Tunes:  Brién is a very talented Irish producer, who makes really dreamy tracks with heavenly vocals and beautiful piano melodies. "Luv Getter" is a house track he produced and is more groovy... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Boiler Room Sets I

There's rarely a day passing by that I'm not watching one of many, many Boiler Room sets online. I'm sure that pretty much anyone who is interested in house, techno or any electronic music has heard of Boiler Room. Although the crowd can be quite douchey sometimes, the quality of the music is always high... Continue Reading →

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