Berlin Club Guide

This blogpost has been a long time coming. I shied away a bit from doing a Berlin club guide since its nightlife is so massive and I've only experienced a fraction of it so far. Still I think this club guide could be helpful to some people in possibly finding the right places to go... Continue Reading →

Prague Club Guide

Prague is actually a city with one of the best techno scenes in Europe – in my opinion at least. It's an attractive place for tourists from all over the world with its crazy cheap beer and heaps of bars. However, if you take a closer look, aside from all the touristy attractions, you will... Continue Reading →

Club review: Why Sisyphos still is a solid club

Sisyphos certainly is not a hidden name on Berlin's techno landscape. Closely situated to Berlin Ostkreuz, the club attracts thousands of techno tourists throughout the whole year – but it still manages to be popular with the locals as well. Sisyphos actually used to be my favorite club in Berlin, that I visited regularly whenever... Continue Reading →

Melbourne Club Guide

This year I got to live in Melbourne for about a month and experienced quite a bit of its nightlife. I wouldn't call myself an expert when it comes to going out in Melbourne, but I got to see a good amount of different venues. So if you have no idea yet where to go... Continue Reading →

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