Event: KiNK (live) at Circus, Osaka Japan

Circus is Osaka's biggest and most popular underground venue. Every weekend they host events with well-known names. Last night, it was KiNK's turn to heat up the dance floor with one of his legendary live-sets. This was my first time seeing KiNK perform live and well, it was fun. Circus is located in Osaka's probably... Continue Reading →

Event: Gonno at Compufunk Records, Osaka Japan

Since Tokyo's nightlife had been so impressive and interesting, I was also curious about the music scene in Japan's third-largest city Osaka. Compared to Tokyo, it's definitely not as easy to find good events here and there is generally less going on. However, there are some techno clubs here. I chose the most underground option... Continue Reading →

Event: Weekend at vurt, Seoul South Korea

One of the best underground places you can find in Seoul is certainly vurt. The techno club has been around for five years already and not only invites international underground artists every weekend, but also has a range of very talented resident DJs. On last weekend's line-up was the Dutch producer Cyspe playing one of... Continue Reading →

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