Event: Shanti Celeste, Peach & Moxie at Colour, Melbourne Australia

Last weekend, some of my absolute favourite female DJs Shanti Celeste, Peach and Moxie came together at Melbourne’s club Colour for a six hour B2B2B session. I couldn’t think of a better trio and as expected, they delivered a sublime selection.

Colour is a relatively new music venue in Melbourne’s CBD that hosts weekly concerts and DJ-events. The main floor is a pretty dark, medium-sized room with a decent soundsystem. It was super packed that night with hardly any space to dance, as the event was sold out. There’s another smaller floor upstairs that was hosting local DJs all night. Generally, the crowd at Colour seemed very diverse, friendly and open-minded, which is the usual atmosphere in Melbourne.

The event actually started quite early in the evening, but I only showed up for the B2B2B that started at midnight. Shanti Celeste, Peach and Moxie were taking turns at the decks throughout the set, playing their usual cool, danceable house tunes. The sound of the night was vibey garage house with a few bangers thrown in there. With all three of their music collections combined, it was a really fine selection. You couldn’t really differentiate which one of them was playing at the moment, since their sound is so similar. All three of them were just having a good time playing some nice tracks. There was no specific theme or storyline going on but that didn’t seem to be the purpose of this session anyway. People were definitely enjoying it and dancing lots. However, I personally found the energy on the dance floor a bit flat for most of the time and would have expected a more cheerful and happier vibe with that kind of event.

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